Why Start a Blog Despite the Odds of Making It Big

The Reason

As of 2020, there are about 600 million blogs out there. So why create another blog that will most likely end up in the graveyard of unvisited blogs? It took me time to discover the answer. At first, it was just money then it was fame but then it was not. So if the goal is not money or fame, then it’s what? Broadly speaking, it’s to achieve your career goals.

To Become a Better Learner

In every pursuit of a career goal, effective learning is an integral part of it. There are tons of ways to become a better learner. According to some studies, the best way to attain mastery of something is to teach others. If you’ve heard the term protégé effect, this is exactly what that means. By presenting learning materials as if you are teaching someone, you gain a deeper understanding of the topic. Similarly, creating blog posts that inform the reader of let’s say, how a particular technology works, you are reinforcing your knowledge and understanding.

To Become an Effective Communicator

But being a better learner can only get you so far in your career goals. It doesn’t matter how quick or effective or efficient you learn things in your job to show you are the best employee. If you fail to communicate your achievements during the performance review, which is usually in a form of writing, you will definitely lose that promotion to someone else who is a better communicator than you. So how do you beat that? One way is to just write. Writing enhances your ability to communicate clearly. Blogging is a type of writing. It’s a good practice to structure your thoughts and express them online where you have access to the right metrics that serve as feedback. With these tools, you can hone your skills to communicate effectively and get that job promotion or salary increase you deserve.

To Nail Your Dream Job

Of course, you don’t just write for the sake of putting up something online. Perhaps when you’re just starting out that’s forgivable but as you get better at writing, the quality of your blog posts also gets better. You can leverage on this when applying for a job in one of the best companies in the world. It can help you stand out from other applicants just by having well-written blog posts about your field or even your interests. It’s the perfect way to demonstrate your portfolio that enhances your brand and credibility so every time your resume or CV gets noticed by a recruiter or potential employer, you have an online presence that supports what you’ve put on your resume.


For sure there are contrasting opinions about starting a blog but the best way to cut through the speculations is to just try and see for yourself. But take heed of my advice, there’s no shortcut to success so you probably have to give it at least 1–2 years to see some results. It’s a slow process but it opens a lot of opportunities in your career. Leverage it to become a better learner, an effective communicator and land your dream job

To your success!




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